Support Subject

Support is available in several aspects of the system. There is a support item in the main menu of customer and driver applications that includes the following.

Choose a Subject: A list of frequent support subjects is provided in this section, from which one can be chosen, and a description produced.

The admin dashboard is where you manage this list. Topics can be defined based on what is commonly encountered in driver and customer support. After that, the customer or driver chooses one of the topics, describes it, and sends their message.

Go to the Support section in the admin dashboard to see messages sent by customers and drivers.

FAQ: The FAQ link on your website or any other link you specify in Settings --> Company Profile

Call Support: Customers or drivers can contact your customer support center directly. You can change the number that is used in Settings --> Company Profile.

Manage Support Subjects

Go to Support Subjects in Settings to manage your support topics. Settings β†’ Support Subjects

Add a New Topic

Click the new record button and fill out the fields below to include a new subject.

For: You can specify whether this is customer or driver support.

Title: In this part, write the title.

Description: When the user wants to enter his description, this field will be displayed.

Managing Support Subjects

This section contains a list of predefined topics. You have the option of deleting or editing them.

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