Add a New Message

We'll go over how to define new messages in the communication module in this section.

To learn more about how module communications function, check the page below.

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Add A New Message

Go to the menu below to define a new message.

Settings β†’ Communication β†’ New Record

Tags, recipients, and triggers are filtered by order type and channel. There are restrictions to defining messages.

Few examples for more clarification

Example: Sending a tracking link to the end recipient (dropoff contact) by SMS after the driver picked up the package at the pick-up location, for on-demand orders.

Example: When an order is successful, send an invoice to the business customer through email for pickup and delivery orders.

Example: When on-demand order information is updated, send the information via Webhook.

Example: When a driver is assigned to an on-demand order, send driver details to the customer through email.

Note: The title is only used in email and notification channels, not in SMS.

Note: If you enter a tag that isn't valued in the order information, the tag's title will be provided instead. If the driver's name tag is submitted for an order when no driver has been assigned, the tag text will be transmitted.

Manage the Messages

To change or delete defined messages, go to the following path.

Settings β†’ Communication

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