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App Banners

Banners appear as slides at the top of the first page in Android and iOS customer applications. The Admin dashboard is in charge of these banners (Settings --> App Banners).
These banners can be used for advertisements, the introduction of new services, codes' promotion, and so forth.
Banners can be uploaded and added endlessly. If you have many banners, they will be automatically replaced every few seconds. (In the form of a slide)
Banners are typically 800x420 pixels in size. You must retain the same ratio to employ higher sizes (higher quality).

Add a banner

Each banner can include a link to it, although it's not required.
Click the photo + and then the submit key to create a banner.
You can update or delete the initial banner once it has been uploaded. The following banner can also be added.

Edit a banner

Click the banner photo, choose a new image and then click on the edit icon to edit the banner.