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Onro gives customers access to the complete version of the product to thoroughly explore and test its features before deciding. You do not have full demo access; please submit a demo request immediately to obtain this access.

Demo Request

You can also schedule an online demo session with one of our sales representatives, who can customize a demo session based on your specific requirements.

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The following is a complete list of demo access information. Onro Sales will send this information to you by email.

  • Dispatcher panel

  • Admin dashboard

  • Customer App (Android, iOS, and web)

  • Driver App (Android & iOS)

  • An account for the driver (Username & Password)

To familiarize yourself with Onro's workflows and how it works, we recommend performing an order from beginning to end (from registration to fulfillment by the driver).

Follow the instructions below to complete and watch this scenario.

Step 1: Getting Online As A Driver

You must first login as a driver online. You can install it on your phone using the following links, depending on whether your phone is Android or iOS.

Driver Android Version Link

Driver iOS Version Link

After installing the driver app, enter the username and password you were given.

Ensure the app has the necessary permissions (location) to function correctly.

After logging in, you must enable the online switch to be visible on the map and receive orders.

There are three tabs related to orders in the driver app, as illustrated in the image.

  • Assigned: Orders that have been assigned to the driver.

  • For You: Orders have been offered to the driver, but he must confirm them.

  • Orders: Orders are awaiting drivers' selection.

Step 2: Create An Account (login) As A Customer

This step aims to create a customer account to access the customer application workflow. Customers are two types, Individuals and Businesses.

You can register using any of the most convenient methods for you.

  • Create an account by phone number and email address

  • Continue with Gmail

  • Continue with Facebook

  • Continue with Apple ID (for iOS version)

You must enter the verification code regardless of how you register. Enter code 1234 as the code verification in this step.

If you wish to work with the customer app (web version), log in with the username and password you received in the business login section. (There is no need to register)

Step 3: Place The Order

You can place an order after registering. You must first select the service, as seen in the figure below. It's worth noting that the presented list of services is customizable. This list can be customized using the admin dashboard, and each project can have its own set of services.

We have numerous services to show in the demo version.

Each service can have its own set of options that you define based on your business logic and customers can select those options while they placing their orders.

Option "fragile" and option "need packed", for example, are defined in the image above. Other options can be "need a helper" and pa size.

Of course, the customer's selection of options impacts the order price.

The vehicle type must be chosen after the service, pick-up and dropoff have been selected. It is, of course, an optional feature that you can enable or disable.

[Image Of Create Order Page]

As you can see, you have the option of sending the order right now or scheduling it for later.

If you place an order, it will be assigned to the driver.

The service options include the automatic sending of orders to drivers. Another option is to choose a driver after you've placed your order. Depending on your business needs, you can have any of the aforementioned configurations.

Step 4: Confirm The Order As A Driver

Confirm the order in the driver application as soon as it is sent. After that, you can proceed to the steps, which include the ones below.

Start --> Arrived --> Picked Up --> Complete Proof Of Delivery (Dropoff) --> Finish

The customer can see the driver's information after it is assigned, as shown in the image below.

They can also chat in real-time with each other.

Congratulations, you've completed a round, which included a zero to one hundred order process. Other sections will be introduced in the following areas.

Creating Orders Manually By Dispatcher

You must use the Dispatcher to manually make an order and send it to the driver. You can log in using the username and password provided in the link below.

Dispatcher Panel Link

The Dispatch home screen looks like this once you've logged in, and it's where you can manage orders and drivers.

If you wish to create a new order manually, you can use Dispatcher. You must supply the following information when creating a new order.

  • Customer information

  • Service

  • Pick-up and dropoff locations (if you have several dropoffs, you can add)

  • Driver assigning model (automatic or manual)

  • Payment method

You have complete control over everything in Dispatch, including the operations listed below.

  • Edit the order status

  • Edit the driver

  • View the order history

  • Filter orders

  • Driver tracking

  • Accessing to POD data

  • ETC

Admin Dashboard

Settings, driver registration, promotion management, reporting and analysis, and other things are available through the admin dashboard. By clicking the link below, you can log in to the admin using the username and password you were given.

Admin Dashboard Link

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