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Chat Service is used to communicate between the customer and the driver. This service is activated after the order is registered and assigned to the driver. Both the customer and the driver can use this service to send messages to another during the order. Communicating between the customer and the driver for coordination, especially on on-demand orders, is very important.

Communication Channels

There are three common communication channels that shape the connection between the customer and the driver directly:
  • Phone Call
  • SMS
  • Chat

Phone Call & SMS

When the order is formed between the driver and the customer, the phone number of both parties is given to the other party. Either party can call the other or even send a text message using their phone.
In the Phone Call and SMS, the communication platform is outside the software which means the customer and the driver communicate with each other outside of the software. In these methods, Both the customer and the driver are charged an additional fee. Also, the data from the conversation of customers and drivers are not stored in the software and therefore there will be no data to check this conversation.


Onro Chat Service is a type of Instant messaging (IM) technology allowing real-time text transmission over the applications. This service is done on the Onro Software and will not cost extra for customers and drivers. Chat is activated for the order and is only available to the customer and the driver until the end of the order. In fact, its main purpose is to provide a free and fast communication platform within the software itself in order to connect the customer and the driver to each other.

Chat UI/UX

Chat in client applications has been implemented as a separate page in terms of the user interface. When the order information is displayed to users, it is possible to enter the chat page via the chat button. The user enters the chat page by clicking this button and can send a message.
[Screen shots of order page (with a circle around the chat button) and chat page]

Chat Quick Messages

Because conversations between customers and drivers are limited to the order process, Quick Chat Messages are included in the service to create a better user experience, and these messages can be defined separately for the customer and driver through the Admin Dashboard. When a Quick Chat Message is defined, it is displayed to the user on the chat page. When the user clicks on a Quick Message, the message is sent quickly. Using this feature, the driver and customer can send repetitive messages in an order process quickly. For example, a Quick Message for drivers might look like this:
Hi. I'm on the location.