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POD (Proof Of Delivery)


POD stands for Proof Of Delivery is a method to establish the fact that a recipient received goods sent by a sender. POD is an essential part of the Last mile Delivery Industry. Although the use of paper in traditional methods was common, today technology is used for POD. The onro software uses E-POD (Electronic Proof Of Delivery) which makes the proof of delivery easier. In this method, there is no need to keep the physical documents, because it's information stored in the order data as soon as the driver does it. Also, POD information can be displayed to the customer in real-time.

Parts of the POD

Getting a customer signature is usually used to do the POD. However, in addition to the signature, it is also possible to take a photo and write a note:
  • Signature
  • Photo
  • Notes


Signatures typically have been a common method of authentication. This method is also used in the POD process. The signature is done on the Driver Application and the signer is the recipient of the order.


It is possible to take a photo in the POD process. Depending on your strategy on how to do the POD, the photo can be taken from the recipient with the package or only from the package or the Dropoff environment or etc. Taking the photo is done in the Driver Application.


Given that the driver may need to write a description for POD or Dropoff, this option is available in the Driver Application.
[POD photos in the Driver Application]

POD in the On-Demand Order Type

POD is considered part of each Dropoff information in the On-demand Workflow which means every Dropoff has its own POD process. Also, the POD process is optional and Dropoffs can be completed without doing it. POD is not a Status of an order. It's an independent process, embedded in the Dropoff data, that can be done between the Picked up and the Done statuses.
[POD photos in the Driver Application when the driver wants to complete Dropoff]