Withdraw and Settlement

A financial management mechanism is required when drivers operate independently for a company and are paid depending on the orders they fill. This section will look at the company's and driver's withdrawal and settlement mechanisms.

To learn more about how wallets function, see the following page.

In the software, each driver has a wallet with a set balance. Drivers can request a withdrawal or cash out from the company.

The steps of a Withdrawal request are described in detail below.

Step One: Withdrawal Request

The first step is to submit a withdrawal request using the driver application.

The driver application allows drivers to request the withdrawal. To do so, they must follow the steps below.

Wallet β†’ Withdraw β†’ Request Withdraw

The driver can enter the requested amount and description on the withdrawal request submission page and submit it.

The amount requested by the driver must not exceed the "balance" less the "Minimum driver balance." If the driver's wallet balance is $100 and the minimum driver balance is $30, the driver can request up to $70.

Note: The dashboard administrator determines the final amount for the driver. The amount requested is the number that the driver enters in this section.

The request will appear in the driver request list once it has been filed.

Step Two: Review The Request

Use the admin dashboard to review the requests.

Driver requests can be found in the Accounting β†’ Drivers Withdraw menu.

Each request has one of the statuses listed below.

  • Under review: The driver has submitted the request, but it has yet to be assigned by the company.

  • Completed: The money has been transferred to the driver.

  • Rejected: The request has been denied by the company.

When you click on a request currently being reviewed, you will be taken to the form below.

Status: You can change the request's status. Below are two options.

  • Completed: The request has been authorized, and the driver's withdrawal transaction has been recorded.

  • Rejected: The request is denied, and no transaction for the driver is recorded.

Note: The status of all of the driver's requests may be viewed in the driver application.

Withdrawal Amount: The final amount recorded in the driver's transaction is called the withdrawal amount.

Description: This description can be found in the driver application and the administrator dashboard.

When a request's status is finished, the driver receives a withdrawal transaction with a debtor type, and the amount entered is withdrawn from his balance.

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