There are various settings in Onro that you can change depending on your company's needs. One was developed to configure software elements as much as possible dynamically.

The General section (Settings --> General) contains several available software options.

Currency: By changing the currency in this section, you can quickly change the entire software's currency. Every area of the globe is supported in Onro.

Driver Welcome Message: After the driver registers using the app, he will receive a text message. you can enter the wording that greets the driver after registration in this section.

Note: No message will be delivered if the text field is left blank.

Note: You must link the software to an SMS gateway to send a text message.SMS Gateway

Default Drivers Working Type: The working type defines the driver's interaction with the company.

Each driver must be assigned to a specified working type. Because a driver cannot specify his own working type when registering through the app, a default working type must be provided for him. This section allows you to set the default working type.

Of course, you can change this for every driver.

Default Zone: Some information, such as service, vehicle type, and so on, is zone-dependent. It is vital to know the zone in particular areas. When no zone is selected, the system defaults to that zone. The default zone is utilized in the following instances, for example.

  • The monitoring map's location on the admin dashboard

  • On the initial page of customer applications, loading services (Default zone services are loaded)

  • On the home screen, map your location in the dispatcher or customer panel

Track order link message: The ability to share the order tracking link is available in the customer application. A text is put before the tracking link when it is sent; you can choose that text here.

The share icon of the link order can be seen in the images below.

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