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Company Profile

There are three components to the company profile settings (Settings --> Company Profile).
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Social media
  3. 3.
    Contact information

1. Profile

Email: This is where you provide the email address used as the company's email address. On the About Us page, this email will be displayed.
URL of the company's website: The website address is listed on the About Us page. Enter your website's URL here.
URL for the privacy policy: Customers and drivers must confirm compliance with the rules and policies before registering in the software. You can set the URL to the privacy policy page on this page.
About Us: The driver and customer applications and customer's web application display this text on the about us page.

2. Social Media

Social Media On the About us page, you can provide a link to your social media profiles. It's worth noting that if you don't enter a link, the social network will be hidden.
The following social networks have addresses that you can enter.
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

3. Contact Information

Driver's support phone: Drivers can contact the call center or support directly through the driver application's support menu. The number you put here will be used in the support section for the driver application.
Customer's support phone: Customers can contact support by phone in the client application and web application's support menu. The number you enter here is utilized in the web app's and customer app's support sections.
URL for the FAQ: In the Customer and Driver Support section, there is a FAQ menu. You can provide a link to a FAQ page on your website in this section.
Drivers tutorial URL: A notification is presented when a driver registers through the app. You can direct the driver to the training website or any other page you establish for your drivers in that message. This feature is only available for white label projects with their driver application.