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Timers are established in various parts of the customer and driver applications in this part. We'll go over each one in detail below.
Track Driver Location Periodic Timer - Millisecond: The driver's location is tracked in the customer application. At regular intervals, this location will be updated. The driver's current location on the map, for example, is updated every 20 seconds. It is where you can set the time. It's worth noting that the unit is milliseconds.
Driver Orders List Periodic Timer - Millisecond: The orders tab is one of the tabs in the driver application, and it contains a list of orders that are waiting for the driver to assign. Drivers can go to that list and select an order to complete.
This list is regularly updated (to check if orders have been deleted or created), and the interval may be adjusted every few seconds. Missing One Statement, For example, By setting it to 10000, the list will be updated every 10 seconds.
Driver update location periodic timer - millisecond: Regularly, the driver should update its location on the server when they are online and on shift. The driver application handles it. The more precise the driver's location, the shorter the submitting duration. However, the driver application's battery use and data consumption both rise. In contrast, the battery and data consumption is better when the time interval is long, but the accuracy suffers.
The field above can be used to set this. If you set the number to 5000 (5 seconds), the driver application reports its current location to the server every 5 seconds.
Near Drivers Interval - Millisecond: When a pickup is selected in the customer app, the customer can see the active online drivers in their immediate vicinity.
The following two elements can be set using this setting.
  1. 1.
    Activate or Deactivate This Feature: The surrounding drivers will not be displayed if this option is not checked.
  2. 2.
    The Period When the Location of Nearby Drivers Is Updated: If the customer does not move the map, the last location of the drivers is updated periodically.