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Registering New Drivers

A new driver can be defined and registered in one of two methods.
  1. 1.
    The driver's registration via the driver application
  2. 2.
    Admin registration via admin dashboard
The following sections describe each method.

Register on the Admin Dashboard

Go to the Drivers menu and select the New record button to register a new driver through the admin dashboard.
There are several steps to registering a driver. A piece of specified information must be entered at each step.

First tab: Basic Information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • National (or passport) Id
  • Emergency phone number
  • Driving license number
  • City
  • Address
  • Vehicle Types: It is necessary to specify the type of vehicle the driver uses in this section. The company must first define the types of vehicles. A list of vehicle types is shown here. This field must be filled in. More than one vehicle type can be allocated to one driver.
  • Working type: The working type of a driver influences how they interact with the company. The company must first determine the working types. A list of working types is shown here.

Second Tab: Vehicle Specifications

This section is for entering vehicle details. It is used when we would like to display a driver to the customer. The following information should be filled out here.
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle plate
  • Vehicle color

Third Tab: Account Information

The login and driver authentication details must be set on this tab.
  • Username: The username with which the driver logs into the driver application.\
  • Password: At least six characters are required.
  • Authorization status: This field indicates whether or not the driver is authorized to execute in the software. A driver may have completed registration, but it is unauthorized. As a result, this driver cannot be active and online in the system.
  • Is registration verified: If this field is checked, it signifies that the driver registration has been completed correctly and has been accepted (or not)

Fourth Tab: Photos

Images are uploaded in this tab.
  • Avatar photo
  • Vehicle photo
  • Driver license photo
  • Identity card photo
Go to each section's import button, select the photo, and click the submit button to upload an image.
Note: The image must be displayed after selecting the file. It will not be stored if it is not displayed.
Note: It is necessary to upload and send avatars. The remainder of the pictures is optional.

Using the Driver Application to Register

The Android and iOS applications can be used to register new drivers. However, the dashboard administrator must accept them to complete the registration and activate them. On the dashboard, you can see how many unauthorized drivers there are.
This method is only available in white-label versions of the software.
We'll walk you through the application's registration procedure in the following sections.
Step 1: On the first page of the application, the driver must select Register.
Step 2: The driver must now fill out the following details. This information must be provided.
The following details are included in this data:
  • Phone number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
Note: The driver can use his phone number (along with the country code) as the username in the username field. It can also pick a username that isn't the same as its phone number.
Note: It's essential to remember that the username must be unique.
To keep his registration, the driver must follow the company's guidelines. The URL of these rules can be defined in the project settings. Company Profile
Step 3: This section contains optional information that cannot be provided at the driver's preliminary registration. This data set comprises the following items:
Cover by insurance Vehicle model Vehicle color Driving license number Vehicle plate number Address National (or passport) number City of residence Emergency contact number
Step 4: Relevant Upload photographs. Entering the following information is not necessary.
  • Identity card
  • License
  • Vehicle
  • Profile photo
Once the driver has completed the initial registration through the app, the dashboard administrator must authorize it. The driver will see the following screen until they are approved.
Note: Until final approval, the driver can still change the information.
Step 5: The dashboard administrator confirms and completes the details for the driver registration. You'll need to go to the driver information page to do so.
Drivers → List → Edit Info
When a driver registers, the information provided is displayed in the driver editing section.
However, there is some information that the administrator must enter. Here's what you need to know.
Vehicles Types: This section requires the type of driver vehicle to be supplied. At the time of registration, the driver was unable to state this. As a result, for drivers who have registered through the application, the value of this field is empty.
The company must first define vehicle types. This field must be filled in.
More than one vehicle type can be allocated to one driver.
Working Type: The driver's working type influences how they interact with the company. When a driver registers using the app, he is given a default value. The software settings decide this default value. You can alter it. General
Authorization Tab: The driver's status is determined in this section. There are two fields, which we will go over in more detail later.
Authorization Status: If you wish to activate the driver, check the authorization status. However, you can include a description if you want the driver to be inactive.
Is the registration Verified: This field indicates that the driver's registration is complete. The driver will not be allowed to get online if this field is not enabled.
Note: The dashboard administrator can edit any driver's information entered (or no input).
Note: In the admin dashboard, the driver avatar is required information. It is, however, optional in the application. As a result, if the driver did not supply the avatar, the avatar must be set after the admin dashboard approves the driver.