Pickup & Drop off


In a location-based service, having the details of the location information is essential. Although in some traditional or even newer methods, only text addresses of orders are received, it is necessary to have more details of the location to provide better services.
The location information of the order has at least two parts:
  • Pickup: the source information of the order.
  • Drop off: the destination information of the order.
This is while the order can have more than one Drop off. In this case, the details of each new Drop off will be received, similar to the first Drop off:
  • Drop off 2
  • Drop off 3
  • ...
  • Drop off n

Pickup and Drop off information

The format of the information received when specifying the Pickup and Drop off of the order is similar and is as follows:
  • Address
  • Block/Building
  • Floor
  • Unit
  • Full name
  • Phone
  • Note for driver
  • Coordinates


An address is a collection of information, presented in a mostly fixed format, used to give the location of a building, apartment, or other places. The address is a text field that is received from the map platform. This text can vary depending on which map platform is used. For example, if the Google Maps Platform is being used, the addresses of places will be exactly like addresses that the Google Map's Application shows for them.
Example for an address value:
"address" : "5740 Carlton St, Haslett, MI 48840, USA"


The building number or Block number (or house number) is a unique number of each building in a street or area with the intention of making it easier to locate. It's often part of a postal address. Building numbering schemes vary by location, and in many cases even within cities. In some areas of the world, including many remote areas, houses are named but are not assigned numbers. Because buildings may not be numbered in some places, the value of this field can also be entered as a text, which may even be the name of a building. The block/building number isn't received from the map's platform.
A building number in Cananda
Example for a block/building value:
"buildingBlock" : "21"
"buildingBlock" : "CN Tower"


because the Pickup or Drop off of the order may be on a floor of a building, the floor number is received as part of the order information.
Example for a floor number:
"floor" : "5"


A unit number is usually used when there is more than one unit on one floor of a building. Apartments usually have unit numbers.
Example for a unit (or room) number:
"unit" : "2"

Full name

Names that are taken at the time of placing an order, use to complete the order information. These names are actually part of the order information and help the driver to more easily find the people involved in the order.
Example for a Full name:
"fullName" : "John Wick"


These phone numbers, which can be received for both Pickup and Drop off, can be different from the customer phone number registered in the software. In fact, these phone numbers are stored by the person registering the order as part of the order information and along with other order information, help the driver to complete the order more easily.
Example for a phone:
"phone" : "0016097563326"

Note for driver

Another part of the information that can be received when ordering is a note for the driver. This note can contain explanations from the customer and help the driver know more about the order.
Example for a note for driver:
"note": "Please call me, when you arrive here."
Although the presence of information including block/building, floor, unit, full name, phone, and the note can make it easier for the driver to find the Pickup and Drop off location, their absence does not prevent the order from being placed. Therefore, in implementing the user interface of the applications, they have been considered in such a way that their emptiness does not prevent the registration of the order.


Latitude and longitude are used together to specify the coordinate of a precise location on the Earth. A coordinate received from the map platform is used to route and find the address of the selected location.
Example for a coordinate:
"coordinates" : [
As a visual example, the information that is received in the step of determining the Pickup and Drop off of the order, in the customer's mobile applications is as follows: