Managing Drivers

Onro's driver management is divided into two sections. Dispatcher Panel and Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Drivers' List

Enter the Drivers menu to view and filter drivers.
The fields below can be used to filter the list of drivers.
  • Name
  • Username
  • Phone
  • Registration source
  • Authorization status
  • Zone
  • Vehicle type

Driver's Information

Go to the Driver Details page to see a driver's performance. We'll go over each tab individually in the sections below.

Base Info

This page shows basic information about the driver. You may access the driver information editing section by clicking the Edit button.


This tab contains a list of all driver orders. Filters can be applied to orders. It can also be exported in a variety of formats.


This tab contains a list of driver transactions and the ability to manage the driver’s wallet. Filters can be applied to transactions. The driver is then given a new transaction.


This tab is where you can view and manage driver’s photos.


This tab displays the driver's current location. The location will not be shown if the driver is offline.


This page displays information about the driver's performance. With the date filter, you can see the following.
Acceptance Rate: The driver's acceptance rate indicates how many of the orders delivered to him were accepted.
Success Rate: The success rate is the percentage of successful orders that the driver has completed.
All Assigned: The total number of orders assigned to the driver.
All For You: The number of orders sent to the driver in the For-You tab.
All Successful: The total number of orders that have been completed.
Customer Canceled: The number of orders that the customer canceled.
Drivers Cancelled: The number of orders that the driver has canceled.
Rate: The average driver rate is based on the customer's recorded rates for the driver.
The Total Cost Of Orders: Orders' total cost
Income: Total earnings of all orders
Commission: The total fee paid by the driver to the company is referred to as the commission.
Kilometer: The driver's path is measured in kilometers.

Monitoring Drivers

Go to the monitoring menu to see online drivers on the map. A list of all online drivers appears on the map after 5 seconds.