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Map Service (Geocode)

The map service is used in the software in the following sections.
  • Look up the address in the customer and web applications.
  • Calculate the cost of an order (depending on distance and time)
  • Calculate the time it will take for the driver to arrive at the pickup or drop-off location
  • Get the address supplied on the map
  • Map loading and display of alleys and streets
Map servers offer the information shown above. Each project in Onro is linked to its map service, which the software uses in the scenarios above. This section of the setting requires the company to register with a service provider and enter its details.
Onro is currently integrated with the map services listed below.
To connect to Google, for example, you must input a key.
If you plan to utilize another map service, please let us know, and it will be added to this list.
To activate any of the above, simply click on it, and your server will provide you with the information you need to register in this part.
For example, you may also need to input the server address for an OSM service. Consider the following example: