What is Onro

Onro is a SaaS delivery management software where all delivery businesses can automate their operations.
We're going to help delivery businesses to work more efficiently
Our mission is to make a powerful
and complete product for all types of delivery businesses to run and grow their business. In order to achieve this goal, our professional team is developing and updating products and documentation continuously.

About the Onro software

Products and apps built on top of the Onro software help all types of delivery businesses manage their work. Onro presents several applications and products that are designed for couriers, retailers, groceries, restaurants, florists, pharmacies, e-commerce, and more.
Onro software is developed in several services and applications which they communicate with each other through a could server:
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Dispatcher
  • Driver App
  • Client App
  • Customer (Business) Panel
  • Customer (Business) API

Product Development Approach

Since our collaboration model is based on pay-as-you-go, our approach to product development and maintenance is based on the needs of our customers and we try to prioritize based on our customers' business growth. Because the growth of our customers' business makes our business grow as well

With Onro you can:

Manage your all business requests by a modern Dispatcher.
Create request
Manage requests
Monitor drivers
Customize setting
Create requests and assign them to the drivers:
Manage all requests from a single page and track, edit or monitor them if it's needed:
Monitor your drivers on the map, see their location, requests, etc:
Customize dispatcher by setting your favorite filters and more:
Work with drivers efficiently by a well-designed Driver Application.
Chat & more
Give the ability to drivers to manage their tasks easily:
Proof deliveries in a modern way:
Interact financially with drivers:
Provide real-time communication between driver and customer at no cost and more:
Manage entire business by a powerful Admin Dashboard.
Organize your drivers and manage their accounts:
Manage all requests at an admin level:
Grow your business using attractive promotions:
Analyze your business using useful reports:
Customize every think:
Raise your business with a user-friendly Customer Application.
Give the ability to your customer to create requests using the application:
Provide a real-time chat environment between your customers and drivers:
Give the tracking possibility to your customer:
Give them more several useful features:
For more information about Onro features, click here
You can also watch our short video about features: