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Managing Orders

Order Reports

The admin dashboard and the dispatcher panel both have access to the order list. The orders menu in the admin dashboard and the home page in the dispatcher panel are both available for this purpose.

Search and Filter

Admin Dashboard

Orders can be filtered using the filters below.
After you've applied the filter, click the submit button. Orders that fit your filter's criteria are loaded into the table.

Dispatcher Panel

Orders can be filtered on the dispatcher panel.
Status, Service, or Vehicle Type
The top of the list displays the specified filters.
All fields are searchable. You can also conduct a search within a certain field. The fields that can be searched are listed below.
  • Order Code
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Name
  • Driver Phone Number
  • Driver Name
  • Driver Username
  • Pickup Description (Notes for the driver)
Filtered orders can be sorted using the following items.
  • Date
  • Scheduled Date
  • Update Time

Edit Table Columns

The columns of a table can be edited via the admin dashboard. All dashboard admin tables have this capability.

Export Data

Data can be exported in a number of different formats. The following formats are supported.
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • Excel

Edit Order (Dispatcher Panel)

It is not feasible to edit information or perform operations on orders from the admin dashboard. You must utilize the Dispatcher panel to edit orders. The dispatcher panel is designed for fast operations.

Edit the Status and Driver

You can edit the status and the driver in the order details by clicking on the edit status and driver.
Note: Driver selection is required in some statuses.

Edit Addresses

You may edit the address and time schedule in the order details by clicking on the item specified in the image below.
Note: You can add a new drop-off in this area for on-demand orders.

Edit Prices and Payment Methods

To edit the price and payment method, go to the order details and edit the pricing and payment method.