Mail Service

You can connect Onro to your email services (organization domain) and use your email to send the emails you'd like to send through Onro.
When you define a message in the communication module (to send a tracking link, driver information, etc.), it is forwarded to one person (or group of individuals) through email; if you do not configure the email service, no email is sent.
To send an email with Onro, you must first connect it to your email service.
Get more information on communication.
Each project in Onro is connected to its email service provider. It indicates that the email service provider information must be entered in this setting section.
Onro is currently linked with the services listed below.
You can also turn it off completely.
If you plan to use another service, please let us know, and it will be included in this list.
To activate any of the above, click on it, and your server will provide you with the information you need to register in this part.
For example, you must enter the following information to connect to Outlook.