Update Management

When the Android and iOS apps are updated, current users can update their versions. Occasionally, a feature is added to a new update that you want all users (customers or drivers) to have the option of installing the current version on their mobile.

The desire to install a mandatory update had either a bug or a problem.

Note: The dispatcher, dashboard admin, and customer web versions are all automatically updated and do not require action.

You can execute the following procedures independently for the platform (Android or iOS) and the customer/driver version in this part of the settings.

Activate or deactivate the application: The application opens, but the user cannot proceed. At the start of the app, a dialogue appears.

Normal Update: When the app is launched, it displays a notice informing the user that a new version is available but is not obligated to upgrade. He can continue to use the app after canceling. When a new feature or enhancement has been made, this update form is most valuable.

Force update: The current version of the application cannot be used, and the user must update.

For example, we have the following settings for the Android customer version.

Activation status: The application's general status, active or inactive, is known as the activation status.

Current app version: The most recent (current) version of the app you want to be updated. You can either request support for the app's current version or view it in the Google or Apple developer panel. The version number is an integer, such as 3 or 8 or 2. It's important not to mix it up with version code. (For example, 1.2.3 or 2.0)

Update type: As previously mentioned, there are two options: normal update and force update.

New update URL: This link is redirected when the user clicks on the update dialogues within the applications. The version in the installation address must be the same as the version in the field above. The app's address in Google Play or the App Store can be used as this link.

For example, version 2 has been released, and we want all versions of Onro Driver Android to receive force updates. The following are the recommended settings.

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