Key terms to know


Before entering the training of the parts of the Onro software, it is better to get acquainted with some of the most important words used in the Onro software.
​Admin Dashboard ​
​Dispatcher Panel​
​Vehicle Type​
​Customer Panel​
​Working Type​
​Driver Application​


A company is a business that uses Onro to manage its operations, drivers, serve customers, and so on. There's no difference that you are an individual or a registered company. If you are using Onro, you are our customer and we call you company


Packages are moved by drivers
. They could be registered by the application or admin dashboard. They use driver applications for managing requests, getting proof of deliveries, and tracking. Vehicle information is part of the driver’s info. Drivers are your fleet and might have been hired by you or they have been working freelance in your company.


can create orders. They are the owner of the packages that would be delivered. Customers are two types: Individuals and Businesses. Individuals are clear. Businesses could be restaurants, online e-commerce, and any organization that is one of the company’s customers. They may need more features like API, web panel, and so on.


A user is defined to work with some functionalities or whole of Admin Dashboard. At the start, we generate an admin user who can define other users with special permissions. Users typically are your team members or your staff


A zone
is a polygon on the map that specifies the area in which the company is active. Out of the zones, any services are not available. They could be defined by the company and be assigned to vehicle types. A company can have multiple zones based on its service area.


It’s the type of package
that needs to be delivered by the company. Services can be defined by the company administrators based on the business logic and flows. They can be added/edited dynamically with their specification in the system.
Service Options: Each service may have some options. Like height, weight, fragile, type, and etc. So when a service is chosen, the options of that service may be set. The company can define options for services based on its business logic. They are optional. A service option can be a boolean or a list.

Vehicle Type

It’s the type of vehicle
that classifies the drivers. Vehicle types can be defined and managed by the company. The company can define any vehicle type that is needed. Customers can choose vehicle types, for example, bike, car, van, and etc. Vehicle Type Options: Each vehicle type may have some options. Like cooler, need help driver, and etc. So when a vehicle type is chosen, the options of that vehicle type can be set. The company can define options for services based on its business logic. It’s optional.

Working Type

Working type is the way of working drivers with the company. The company can define multiple different working types based on its business model and cooperations with its drivers. After a working type is created, it could be assigned to drivers. All financial matters between drivers and the company will be set in a working type


An order
is a task that can be defined by customers or operators (dispatcher users). Orders are done by drivers. An Order contains addresses (pick up, drop off), service details, status, time to do, etc). Every order has a workflow.


It's an address
where a driver should pick up the order package. Pickup has some details like contact, phone, postal code, etc.

Drop off

It's an address
where a driver should deliver the order package. Drop off has some details like contact, phone, postal code, etc.


A link or a pdf file that contains details of the order and can be used as an invoice for customers

POD (Proof of delivery)

stands for proof of delivery which is an operation that drivers do in the software to prove orders are delivered to the recipient successfully.


When a freelanced driver wants to withdraw his wallet balance, he can send a withdrawal request through his driver app to the company. Then the company can see and decide about drivers’ withdrawals


When the company wants to give some promotions
like discount codes to its customers, it can use this concept. The promotions can be managed by the Admin Dashboard and used by customers.

Admin Dashboard

This is a web dashboard
for the company to manage all parts of the business. It is usually used for software settings, reports, and analytics, verifying and authorization, and etc.

Dispatcher Panel

Operators, dispatchers, and customer support use this panel
to manage orders, drivers, assigning orders, and etc.

Customer Panel

A responsive web panel
that is used by customers. Both individuals and businesses can register and login into this panel and send orders, track them, and manage their accounts.

Customer Application

Native iOS and Android applications
that were designed for individual customers. They will be published on the app markets.

Driver Application

Native iOS and Android applications
are used by drivers of the company to track their location, receiving orders, communicating with customers and the company, proof of delivery, and etc.